Out of Yarn!

Out of Yarn!


Update: I was able to purchase two more balls of yarn – check back later for the finished shawl! 

Oh no! This is one of the dangers of impulse buying beautiful yarn without a pattern in mind. I bought it in a local yarn shop because this yarn is a unique long-striping wool and silk blend. It was also packaged in a plush center-pull ball that wasn’t quite a cake and also wasn’t quite a skein, which displayed its gradients so perfectly, so I purchased two, for a total of 546 yards. I knew it would have a beautiful drape to it, so I decided to crochet a prayer shawl for my church.

Progress in this shawl after two balls used
The scallop motif

Unfortunately, at 5 feet long and having nine treble crochets per scallop, the yarn went pretty quickly and now I’m nearly out! The plan is to go back to the same yarn store I purchased it at, and hope they still have more. If not, I have found it online but with a different dye lot, and after shipping costs it would be significantly more expensive than purchasing it in store. The pattern recommends continuing to treble crochet back and forth for a total of 19 inches, which I’m nearly halfway to, so I’ll try to purchase two more balls.

All that’s left of the second ball of yarn

Stay tuned – hopefully I’ll be able to purchase enough yarn to finish this beautiful shawl and post the results then!

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