Four WIPs

Four WIPs


Once again, I find myself in the middle of four WIPs, all of which I’m making steady progress on, but not terribly close to finishing. Currently I’m commuting to work on a bus about 50 minutes each way, so I can get a fair amount of work done on the bus- when my hands feel like it. I work in IT so I’m on a keyboard all day, and sometimes after 8 hours of that on the way home my hands need a break. They were all started for different reasons, and I work on them at different times, so they will definitely all get done within a few months.

Here’s the rundown on the various projects, why I started them, and when I work on them:

Pair of Socks


This is a yarn I purchased at a local yarn shop in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I purchased this because I have plenty of purple, pink, and blue socks, but hadn’t seen a green like this before. I typically always have a pair of socks on my size two DPNs because they’re so easy to take on a car ride or where I know I’ll be waiting for a while. I just throw it in a ziplock bag, and I invent the pattern as I go along following a basic cuff-down structure, so I never need anything but the yarn and the needles. As long as the second matches, that’s all that matters.

I actually started these a few months back on an airplane, so these are my longest-in-progress project at the moment. Funny story: I’m not sure why, but I actually thought this was the second one I was working on, but based on the amount of yarn left and the fact I have no tangible evidence of the first one every being created, I suppose this one must be the first. I basically always have a pair of socks going, and they’re just for myself, so I’m under no pressure to get them done.

Cross-Stitch Knit Pattern


This pattern was purchased from a different local store in Crystal Lake, Illinois, down the street from the yarn store mentioned above. I haven’t cross-stitched in a while, but I saw this pattern and wanted to try it again. I borrowed the embroidery floss from my grandma, but still need to purchase a couple of the colors.

I’m not sure how this happened because counting is one of the most essential characteristics of counted cross-stitch, but while stitching the letters, I lost a row in the middle somewhere. All of the letters are one stitch shorter than they should be. I discovered this while completing the pink border and the numbers were not adding up. In the end, all I did was make the pink border the right number of stitches, so now the letters will be off-center by one, but the basket will still fit properly. I’m sure no one will notice this in the end, but it is funny that I must’ve made this mistake while stitching the ‘K’ and just based the height of the other letters on it.

Granny Squares

fullSquaressquaresWithYarnThis project I started because I was missing joining blocks together (yes, that’s a real thing I enjoy doing). After completing the owl afghan and stitching hundreds of seams (and getting frustrated at how many there were, but in the end still enjoying it), I decided I needed another crochet blanket project.

Both the purple and the blue/green color are long-self striping acrylic yarns. Recognize the blue/green from a different project? These long self-striping yarns seem to be all the rage right now – I’ve seen different brands’ variation on the self-striping cakes as aisle end caps in multiple Jo-Anns, Michaels and Walmarts. I thought it would be fun to just start crocheting blocks and let whatever happens happen as far as the color pattern goes.

The general pattern I’m following is doing five rounds of color, and one outside round of white to give me a consistent border to stitch together, and finish it with a white scalloped border at the end to keep it all together. Again, not quite sure what happened, but notice that dark purple one at the bottom of the first picture? That one I finished after only four rounds, so I’ll need to go back to it.

Pink to Silver Long-Striping Shawl


This is the project discussed in a previous post. Since this post, I was able to purchase more yarn of the same dye lot, and now have the ability the complete it, but I feel like this will be a project I’ll drag my feet at completing for two reasons: it’s only rows of treble crochet left to complete, and it’s too large and delicate to easily take on the bus with me. When I’m at home and have all my resources and supplies handy, I find myself wanting to work on a more challenging project with lots of fun stitches or counting. Additionally, there’s really no deadline associated with me finishing it, so I’m under no pressure to complete it.

In Conclusion

So these are my four current projects I have going – any bets on what will get finished first? I’m anticipating finishing the shawl first, unless I get to purchasing the additional colors of embroidery floss needed for the cross-stitch project. That being said, the granny square afghan is moving with a surprising amount of speed, and the socks are always just a few hours away of focussed knitted to being finished, so it’s a toss up!

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